How to Get Your Home Show Ready on a Budget

When selling real estate, you obviously want to maximize the retail value of your property. Staging a home so that it looks appealing in photos is one essential step. A properly staged home is also more likely to win over visitors during an open house, when prospective buyers stop by in person. If done right, this event can lead to a faster sale and reduce your overall marketing costs in the long term. Get your home ready with the below budget-friendly guidelines.

Get rid of clutter

When people view the property, you want them to feel at ease and welcomed. Getting rid of clutter is the first step. Clutter has been shown to have a negative psychological impact on people, causing the brain to lose focus and inciting feelings of anxiety. Go through every room of the house and remove items from visible surfaces like floors and counters. Simply set them aside in boxes that you can easily pack away—out of sight, out of mind.

Remove personal touches

You want people to be able to see the space you are presenting as their future home. Elements of your personal life can impede this vision. If you have loads of family photos, diplomas, and children’s artwork hanging around, pack these away. You don’t want the rooms to look totally empty, however, so replace these personal accouterments with plants, such as succulents, ferns, and any type of flowers. Even small plants can make a difference in staging your home—Home Depot offers a set of small succulents for under $15.

Rent a storage facility

Once you’ve removed the clutter and personal touches from the house, you need a place to stow these belongings. Don’t just cram boxes into bedroom closets, because buyers will be eager to assess closet space. Instead, rent a secure storage unit; when researching nearby facilities, be sure to factor in size, location and climate control (for instance, if you are storing artwork).

Prices for storage units can be high in and around McKinney, so shop around before signing a rental contract. By carefully researching your options, you can find a great deal on any storage unit size. The lowest price of a 5×5 unit is $12 per month compared to its average price of $41.42, for example. You can even rent the largest sized unit—10×20—for as low as $80 a month.

Let in light

A well-lit space looks larger both in person and in photos, enhancing a property’s appeal. Get rid of heavy curtains, open blinds, and draw back shutters. When taking pictures to market the property, make use of natural light whenever possible. This might mean snapping different areas of the house during different times of day. Don’t rush the process; take the time to create nicely lit and attractive images. Research has shown that homes with high-quality pictures sell 32 percent faster.

Hire professional cleaners

Last but not least, clean your house and get it sparkling before you take photos or host your open house. This is best done after you’ve made all the above adjustments and stored extraneous items, like personal photos and dark curtains. You don’t want dusty shelves or smudged windows ruining the property’s appeal. If you’re pressed for time, a professional maid service can help.

With these steps, you can stage your home all on your own. Hiring a professional stager to do the job can be costly, depending on the services provided. You don’t need this added expense; simply stick to the guidelines above, and you can create beautiful photos and host a lovely open house without breaking the bank.

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